Ground Breaking
Working Together
Construction Plan
Section of convent is finsihed.
Official opening of convent June 17th 2013.
Celebration of the opening June 17th 2013.
Sister’s feeding orphans.
Part of the convent used for feeding and educating orphans
School: Kindergarden – in uniform
Orphans in the clinic checking their health
Orphans in sports playing
Beginning of Construction for the School for the Orphanage
Classroom Under Construction

Who Are We?

The Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor is an emerging, vibrant religious community of women in Tanzania. Deeply in love with Jesus we seek to grow more intimately with Our Lord Jesus and Master. We behold the majesty of the Blessed Trinity and in thanksgiving spend quality time every day in adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

We are also happy to say that in United States of America, with the approval of His Excellency, Most Rev. Gerald Barbarito, Bishop of Palm Beach Catholic Diocese, the Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor have been incorporated in the State of Florida as a Religious charitable organization and has been granted a 501 ( c ) (3) tax exempt status by the IRS.

A Plea to the Faithful

We urgently need financial support from everyone, whatever one can give for the construction of the much needed convent building. It will enable the establishment of this new congregation and meaningful service to the people of God who need it most. This convent will also be the formation house for the candidates who are seeking admission to this religious Order.

As of today, there are about ten young women waiting to be received in this congregation but cannot be received because there is no room to accommodate them. We have proposed to construct a convent building to house 35 sisters at an estimated cost of $175,000

We are happy to say we already have purchased a 22 acres piece of land for the purpose of constructing the convent, the school and the orphanage. This will allow the mission to move in the right direction. The work of the construction of the convent has already begun.

The completion of the construction of the convent will make it possible for God’s people to receive services from the sisters more easily. As the congregation grows, this convent will be the focal point from where the sisters will be spiritually nourished and trained as missionaries. From here they will be sent and commissioned to serve God’s people in the name of the Church for the Kingdom of God and salvation of souls.

Our mission to educate the youth and children aims at preparing the future generation, empowering them with necessary tools to change what is within their power by making informed decisions and making right choices that reflect their faith in God in matters that affect their lives and country.

3 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. as you embark in the service to the poor,always remember our vocation”blessed are the poor” in this manner you will encounter our Master who made himself poor to make us rich in Grace.

    am ready to volunteer and work with you among the poor,.what are reqiurement.

    • Thank you Don for your suggestive question. I was also thinking the same way. We have to begin small! Hence something like two rooms would be used to house the orphans until the time when we can build the house of their own and by then we shall more nuns to fill the house.

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