We ask for your prayers and support
for our continued progress to obtain safe water!

Prayers for the safety of the workers,

the fortitude of the villagers digging the four-mile trenches,

and the compassionate, expeditious generosity of our loving supporters.

May God bless you all in great abundance with His Love & Grace!

By the Grace of God all work through Him

It is a blessing how so many people and organizations are helping us through this critical and urgent water crisis. The government has granted us the permit to pump water from Lake Chala and officers from the Department of Water are also sharing their expertise and guidance with us. Villagers have volunteered to dig trenches to lay the pipes! We have appealed to multiple nonprofit organizations and have been awarded some funds; however, unexpected expenses for two water pressure boosters have increased our initial target from $40 to $62,000. It was a difficult setback, but we always put our trust in God for all things for His great glory.

Three Efforts Underway

Building a storage tank

Villagers dig trenches

Dept. of water Officers join the project

  • One bucket used to wash, cook, and clean.
  • The truck selling water from a polluted stream.
  • Buckets waiting to be filled and sold with the dirty water.

Difficult Decisions To Go Without or Buy Polluted Water

In desperate times, a company draws dirty water from a nearby polluted stream and we are forced to purchase this as our only access to water. Three times, organizations drilled for wells, but always the wells were dry. It’s painful to spend our meager resources buying buckets of dirty water, risking cholera and other life threatening diseases, when left with no other options.

Self-Sufficiency Impacting the Whole Community

Please help us complete our current water project fundraiser with water sourced from the runoff of Mount Kilimanjaro to a nearby lake. It will help not only our orphanage, school, and farm, but the broader village of nearly 3,000 residents as well. This water will be pumped and transported through 4 miles of pipes to our local water tanks.

  • Storage tanks at our school will ensure there’s never an outage where we must resort to polluted, unsafe water.
  • Our farms will receive regular water to reliably feed our children and staff.

A Gift of Water Health & Cleanliness

The impact of having local, reliable, and clean water will be life-changing to our humble village and school. It will offer self-sufficiency and opportunities to build upon and make investing in all of our futures a sure success. Children can stay hydrated, clean, and healthy from a reliable freshwater source. Our staff can better clean the grounds, classrooms, and clothes. Our kitchen will have water to cook with and offer as drink without contaminants and disease. Our animals can be nourished and our farms flourish with irrigated water. Kindly consider this gift today by clicking the button below.

Over Halfway to Our Goal!!!

Over Halfway to Our Goal!!!

Give Drink to the Thirsty

Help us obtain clean, safe drinking water today!

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