Phase 2

Water Delivered by Solar-Power to

4,000+ neighbors in five villages!

Our children and staff rejoice with the completion of Phase 1 which brought fresh water from Lake Chala to our arid grounds! We look with you at the more than 4,000 people in the neighboring five villages (who also helped us complete Phase 1) and now they hope to share in our blessings.

Phase 2 will install solar panels at each pump site to provide low-cost electricity to withdraw the water and deliver it to the nearby villages. Currently, we are using the municipality electricity. Besides a great expense, it is hydro-powered and during this drought, power is scarce and costly. These solar panels will provide consistent, economical power to meet the water needs of our community and neighbors.

  • Villagers as they helped us dig trenches for Phase 1.
  • Villagers place the mount for the solar panels at the pump in Lake Chala.
  • Second set of solar panels for the booster pump will be placed here.
  • Replacing the municipality electrical grid, which is too costly to run for the villagers.

Finish the Race!

We are so close to securing year-long, self-sustaining water for us and over 4,000 neighbors!

Help us meet our need of $43,000 today!

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