The highest number of the world’s orphans live in Africa.

To bring hope, security, faith, and love

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Progress of the Girls' new dormitory

  • Sr. Margaret, the elementary principal, led prayers of thanksgiving and for the safety of the workers during the ground-breaking ceremony for the girls’ new dormitory.
  • Sr. Mary Jennifer takes the first swing to break new ground
  • The workers made steady progress on the dormitory’s foundation and building the walls brick by brick.
  • Excitement grows as the partially completed roof graces the skyline.
  • The windows are in and outside walls plastered.
  • The outside building was completed the week of October 16.

the gift of a bed

and a good night’s sleep

In four short years, we’ve seen a 779% increase in our student population. As a result, we are in critical need of two additional dormitories that will give beds to 400 children and provide our future growth needs.

The girls’ elementary dormitory is 90% complete, only needing the interior plumbing, electrical installations, and furnishings of beds and desks.

The boys’ secondary dormitory will immediately house 83 teenage boys and provide security for many years to come as our secondary school continues to grow from the graduating primary school children of today.


We are raising money to bring fresh, clean water sourced from the runoff of Mount Kilimanjaro to feed our arid grounds. Please consider giving to this cause today to help us reach our financial need of $40,000 so we may begin implementation of the designed plans.

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