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The highest number of the world’s orphans live in Africa.

To bring hope, security, faith, and love

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Age: 7

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St. Joseph's Home of Peace for the Street Boys of Kenya

street children
Kenya Chapel

We are excited about our NEW MISSION, to the Street Boys in Kenya, a very neglected group of children. Kenya has 300,000 homeless children living in the streets; Nairobi, the capital, has 60,000 of them. Their life is nothing but misery! Hunger is their number one problem! They eat from trash and sniff glue to get high and forget their hunger and problems.

This is not the life
God intended for them. 

This mission has four elements: Rescuing, providing live-in Rehabilitating
services, Re-uniting those healed with their families or relatives, and finally Returning them to school for an entirely new future.

Together, we can do this!

completed convent

Thank You!

We are even expanding the new convent!

The congregation of the Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor attracts new women each year to the adoration of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and Works of Mercy to His orphaned children. With your help we raised all the construction funds! Thank you!

We are still taking donations for the furnishing for the convent.
Please help us with your gift today!
2nd floor hs rooms

Thank you!

We Completed the High School Classrooms & Labs!

We are adding a second floor to the school which will serve all high school classrooms and labs. Our school ranks as one of the top academic institutions in our district!

Please consider a gift to help us complete this latest building project for our current and future graduates! View a timeline of all of our school building projects that you’ve helped complete since 2013!


high school labs

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